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I write Websites, APIs, and APPs that fit in your pocket.

I’m Karl, A Full Stack Designer & Developer. I live in Salt Lake City. I write iPhone and Web apps, and the APIs that back them. I’m exclusively Freelance.

I specialize in building Minimum Viable Products, FAST. I love to build a concept completely with small teams or independent designers.

I program to make the world better.

I still believe in the Web, in open standards, in the promise that technology can make lives better. Really. We live in a time where everyone has a supercomputer in their pocket, yet too much of our time is dedicated to consumption. I don’t believe in a class system of producers and consumers, everyone is creative.

Serving Independent Artists & Designers

I want to work on the amazing cool silly awesome stuff that the world needs. If you have an awesome project and very little money email me. If you're not sure what you should do or build email me. Advice is always free.

It’s a process, the best projects are built twice.

Start with an API. The API is the truth of every project, it represents the discourse that we have with our machines. What is remembered, ordered, changed, or deleted, is represented in the API.

Next establish purpose and personality. Animation, color, shape, typography, these shape the personality of our application. The only way to make a memorable app is to think deeply about the way it interacts with our users. Great apps take time. Lots of time. The more time the beter. By focusing on what the app does we create something truly great.

We complete the cycle by building the app a second time. Building something as fluid and powerful as software is a learning experience. There is no way we’re gonna get it right the first time. Nobody gets it right the first time. There are fewer brave enough to try a second time. The more iterations we take, the better it’s going to be. The best apps are built twice.


I'm on Twitter and Github, I also respond to email, please send them to me@kow.fm.

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