The Pulse

I've been freelancing for about 9 months now, and I've actually been paid, which is good. I think that means that I'm making it. But I've screwed up and almost lost everything more than once in the last 9 months. I have opinions, and I'd like to share them. The Pulse is a short weekly podcast about my Freelance business, how I'm doing. I'm trying to keep my business running while not running it into the ground. Small, short lessons

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Serving Independent Artists & Designers

I want to spend my time making things I'm proud of. I'm not proud of 90% of the work I've done. I'm changing that. I've worked on implementing features and designs that clients thought were a good idea and just, weren't. Most startups are making complete crap. Useless stuff like delivering the ingredients for a home cooked meal to your door, or virtual personal assistants. What's worse are the horribly ugly design directions some clients want to go. It's just,

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